Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum

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The Museum is OPEN until 31st October, so you haven't missed your chance to visit! NEW display 'Margaret Lorenz: a Head of her Time'; updated with new material 'William Cookworthy' Pioneer of Porcelain'; and lots more to see and do in your local museum. 




About the Museum


Portrait of William Cooksworthy

 The museum was opened in 1972 in the old Kingsbridge Grammar School buildings. Mrs Evelyn Northcott persuaded English China Clays Ltd. to rescue the derelict building and found a museum to collect and record the social history of the area.

The Museum was named after William Cookworthy, who was born in Kingsbridge, and who developed the first true hard-paste porcelain ("china").



The Museum facilities now include:

  • Displays of artefacts from the early history of Kingsbridge through to the present day;

  • A gallery of agricultural machinery and tools;

  • A collection of over 17,000 photographs dating from the 1870's through to the present day;

  • Costumes from the 19th and 20th centuries;

  • A viewing gallery with virtual tour of the Museum and other themed presentations;

  • A resource centre to support personal research. This has many local documents including microfilm copies of local newspapers from 1855 to the present.