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The Museum is OPEN until 31st October, so you haven't missed your chance to visit! NEW display 'Margaret Lorenz: a Head of her Time'; updated with new material 'William Cookworthy' Pioneer of Porcelain'; and lots more to see and do in your local museum. 




Virtual Tour - The Cookworthy Room

The Cookworthy Room

... is the old schoolroom, with its wood panelling inscribed with the initials of generations of schoolboys. Beneath the coat of arms of Charles II, the Headmaster stands at his desk with a commanding view of his pupils.Headmaster Seat

This room houses a permanent exhibition illustrating the development of Kingsbridge and the surrounding villages throughout the centuries, also a display relating to the Old Grammar School.

Beside this seat hangs a portrait of Thomas Crispin, who although born in Kingsbridge, lived and worked in Exeter as a fuller. In 1670 he built and endowed the Grammar School in his home town.Storyteller



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