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The Museum is OPEN until 31st October, so you haven't missed your chance to visit! NEW display 'Margaret Lorenz: a Head of her Time'; updated with new material 'William Cookworthy' Pioneer of Porcelain'; and lots more to see and do in your local museum. 




Virtual Tour - The Duncombe Room

... is located on the first floor off the Cookworthy Room.

Start Bay DisplayThe Duncombe Gallery was refurbished for the 2008 season, funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It provides a flexible space, to be used for mounting themed displays of significance to the South Hams.

'Keep the Home Fires Burning' is the exhibition theme here, remembering the progress of World War I 100 years ago. It aims to explore the impact of the war on the South Hams area and those left behind at home, using the experiences and stories of local people.

The Gallery also houses two computer kiosks which give access to the museum collection of historic local photographs, and will also show images related to current and previous exhibitions.

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