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The Museum is OPEN until 31st October, so you haven't missed your chance to visit! NEW display 'Margaret Lorenz: a Head of her Time'; updated with new material 'William Cookworthy' Pioneer of Porcelain'; and lots more to see and do in your local museum. 




Virtual Tour - The Farm Gallery

The Farm Gallery is in the walled garden to the rear of the main building.Detail of Seed Drill

It contains a wide range of machinery and equipment used on farms, from heavy equipment such as a cider press to hand tools. The designs of equipment such as wagons  (which were not used here until the 17th century) are influenced by the narrow lanes and steep hills of the South Hams, and were built in local engineering workshops.

RestoringWe also have facilities for repairing and restoring the machinery.

The Farm Gallery was built in 1975.

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