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The Museum is now OPEN for 2018 - come and see us soon! NEW display 'Margaret Lorenz: a Head of her Time'; updated with new material 'William Cookworthy' Pioneer of Porcelain'; and lots more to see and do in your local museum. 




Special Exhibition Room

... is located upstairs from the Cookworthy Room, and is now to be known as the Lorenz Room in honour of Margaret Lorenz, founder committee member and long-time Museum chairman.

All in a Day's Work 2The Cookworthy Museum has almost 20,000 objects , archives and images in its collection. This room enables the Museum to mount a changing exhibition from the collection illustrating aspects of local life.

The current exhibition here is 'A Stitch in Time', featuring local embroidery, needlework and anything sewing-related: samplers, tapestry, patterns and sewing notions. Some of the embroidery is from a collection worked by a local resident, Eve Cast, and has not been exhibited in the Museum before. Appropriately enough this gallery also houses the dressing-up box to explore, and the round table for younger visitors to try their hand at drawing or lino rubbing.

All in a Day's Work 1

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